[Dixielandjazz] Where was the jazz?

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Mon Sep 26 17:35:00 PDT 2005

I have made 3 trips to N.O. in the past 6 yrs, and I never had any trouble 
finding a group to jam with. But I did have to make my desire to play known in 
most cases.   I was asked to join groups who noticed my Sop. Sax case.  While 
there is not as much OKOM as we would like, there is more now than in past 
years.  Pres. Hall, Palm Court, Natchez River boat, Fritzel's the Louis Armstrong 
show in the Bienville Hotel,  Court of two sisters, Daily jams in Jackson 
Square, Donna's and many other non-regularly scheduled events.  There are a couple 
of Publications which give events each week.  There is also a lot of street 
musicians and street entertainers to keep almost any one entertained.   I wish 
there was more, but N.O.has not been entirely devoid of OKOM.  If you go in 
August, you will find that not much is cooking as the musicians are largely out 
of town touring.  They leave because of the heat.  That is the way it was, but 
what the future will bring is UNKNOWN.  WE CAN ONLY HOPE AND PRAY. 
Richard Redmond, Palm 

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