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Sat Sep 24 09:31:15 PDT 2005

I will side with Larry on this one. I have an ancient cornet, dark brass,  
shepherd's crook style. It was built around 1880 by the Conn company. Years ago  
they said it was one of their first, and wanted to buy it for their museum, 
but  I never sold it. Anyway, the horn is pretty, but valve action quite slow  
compared to my l940's King model. Cleaning and oiling hasn't helped, perhaps  
stronger springs would. But I haven't altered it. 
I agree that some instruments made in the last few decades are not as good  
as the older models-Selmer  saxes come to mind.But others-Yamaha- are.  My post 
about instrument quality, or lack of, was meant to refer to  instruments of 
the earlier 20th Century. As an old retired (?) band director  I've had the 
opportunity to compare many instruments. The machines that  made these old horns 
weren't as precise as today's instruments of  production.And-as I mentioned, 
the guys didn't take as good care of them. I have  seen rubber bands holding 
down keys on saxes, and these guys were union  musicians! Probably many of them 
could not afford to get the horns repaired just  for a single recording date 
or occasional gig-
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