[Dixielandjazz] PRJC jam session benefit

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Thu Sep 22 14:17:44 PDT 2005

I'll throw out another addition to all the benefits being planned. The 
Potomac River Jazz Club will have a jam session on Oct 16 for the benefit of the New 
Orleans Musicians Clinic. Our usual monthly jam session has a paid house band 
(The Washington Conservatory Jazz Band with David Robinson, David Sager, 
Howard Kadison, Larry Cione, Pete Ostle, and Lena Seikaly), jammers get in free, 
and all others pay a $5.00 admission.  We're asking the audience to up their 
donation to $10.00, most if not all of the house band has already indicated an 
intention to donate their time, and jammers are asked to pay whatever they feel 
comfortable with as a donation. If any of you are in the vicinity of 
Washington, D.C. that day, feel free to check out directions on our web site 
(PRJC.org) and come on over. The NOMC sent us some information on their organization, 
and it was quite impressive. 
     We're also planning a larger-scale benefit in conjunction with a local 
shopping mall where many local musicians are donating their time for a Red 
Cross benefit, but the club really wanted to do another more grass roots effort, 
where our club members will be the target audience, that will benefit the 
musicians. Thus the jam session.
Audrey Van Dyke
(PS - for anybody wondering about the promised music and mags, I finished 
making all the copies last weekend, and plan to mail out next weekend.)

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