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Wed Sep 21 09:20:44 PDT 2005

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> However, actual damage to the collection is minimal.  Only a small part of 
> one storage area was damaged, and most of that material can be salvaged.
> The exhibit was untouched, as was the majority of the storage.  Bix's piano 
> and Louis' horn are still intact.
Excellent news!   I was very worried.   My late friend George Finola was 
acting director of the Jazz Museum many years ago (when it was on Dumaine St. if I 
remember correctly), working there with Danny Barker among others.   The 
collection now includes some pictures of George, one playing cornet along with 
Johnny Wiggs, and another playing with Raymond Burke and others at Southland 
Hall, the short-lived kitty hall that George started.   I was also very fond of 
the note that Hoagy Carmichael sent along with Bix's hankerchief and cuff links, 
displayed next to Bix's piano and horn.   

All in all, very pleased to hear that all that great stuff survived.

Jim Branson
Berkeley, Calif.

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