[Dixielandjazz] New Orleans Music - NY Times Article

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 20 20:15:19 PDT 2005

"Ron L'Herault" <lherault at bu.edu> wrote

> Interestingly, the writer thinks that the N.O. "music scene" started
> sometime in the 1960s, since Mr. Toussaint started about that time and he is
> a "seminal figure".   This seems to pretty well ignore the music scene that
> was there before 1960 and that was indeed, Jazz.

I think the article was strictly about the more current New Orleans Music
Scene and the artists who are appearing in the New York Concerts. They are
currently on the New Orleans Music scene. Many of us on the DJML are not
overly familiar with the current music scene, much less how New Orleans
affects it. Toussaint is indeed a seminal figure of what's happening now.

This kind of article would have to have been 1000 pages long to cover the
full music scene from Day 1 in New Orleans until now. :-) VBG.

Kind of like the Ken Burns/Marsalis TV Series. It dealt mostly with pre 1960
jazz. Yet most of us bitched about scanty coverage of OKOM. The companion
book is much more fleshed out and also devotes most of it's coverage to pre
1960 jazz. Few of us seem to have absorbed it yet many are critical.

Point being, one cannot cover everything in a 1500 word article, or a 500
page book.


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