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This is  the ONLY ADD to help  MUSICIANS I have been able to find:
I suggest  that all Jazz Societies  seriously think about posting similar 
adds  for performing opportunities  for musicians if you really are  
interested in preserving OKOM.    Invite at least one to be a  special 
guest performer at your NEXT  function,  they need help  NOW.
Tom Wiggins
Saint  Gabriel's Celestial Brass  Band
We simply can't do enough right now, but we  can do something  don't miss 
the  opportunity.

We are doing a benefit concert and have determined a good direct charity,  
the Jazz Foundation of America, to send direct aid to musicians in New  Orleans:
(http://www.jazzfoundation.org/emergency_fund.php)  (http://www.jazzadvocate.org) 
Once you find the site and read about it, trying phoning them.  There  is an 
automated answering system in front that asks if "You are a musician in  need 
from Katrina".  That's about as direct as you can get!
Roy (Bud) Taylor
Smugtown Stompers Jazz Band
"...we ain't just  whistlling dixie!"

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