[Dixielandjazz] Portland Oregon area Opportunities?

Mark McCormick mmccormick at saw.net
Sun Sep 11 14:08:38 PDT 2005

My current group is on the verge of collapsing, (fighting over chords and so
on !!) So, this group will need a banjo and possibly a piano player soon (We
would consider a tasty guitar player). The group is based in the gorge at
the moment (Stevenson WA.) and is a fledgling inexperienced group. (Who knew
they would also be stubborn and immature)

If you would like to hear the current group, we're playing at Hoptober Fest
at the Walking Man brewery in Stevenson Sept. 17 from noon to three. You
could see if the chord folks are even listening to each other, could come to
blows, will definitely be icy looks. Thank god I have my back to them.

Conversely I could be the one that leaves, in which case I would be looking
for someone that needs a somewhat accomplished cornet player. I could
possibly bring a clarinet and drummer with me .

Ok, who's hanging out in the woodwork between the east side of
Portland/Vancouver and out to The Dalles?

Mark McCormick

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