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Folks it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY THAT there will be a Festival in New 
Orleans in APRIL.   That event is almost totally supported by the local 
businesses which no longer exist, and the infrastructure in New Orleans 
has been all but wiped out in many sections.

I got an email last night from a resident down there who went back into 
the city and he also says it is beyond belief and he will spend the 
rest of his life trying to forget what he just saw.  He is now living 
with 40 other people in a quickly rented house in Houmas,   He says the 
roads all around Baton Rouge have people camped out on both sides, and 
the Louisiana State University is also covered with makeshift camps of 
folks.   These are the folks who managed to evacuate on their own, he 
also says that the attitude of the Baton Rouge residents is not one of 
hospitality either, that they want those folks out of there as soon as 
possible, because they have no way of taking care of them.

The devastation down there is simply beyond belief even with the 
occasional glimpses of spared sections.

I just got a call from My oldest son who is a Paramedic and Firefighter 
Captain,   He has been dispatched to nearby Gulfport, Mississippi and 
was put in charge of Fire Station #7  He was in tears, and said there 
is NO fire station and no emergency vehicles, his crew is beside 
themselves with the magnitude of this disaster.   They are 100 yards 
 from the ocean and he says as far as you can see there is simply 
NOTHING but total destruction.   He says the smell is almost unbearable 
and conditions unbelievable.

He says the damage there makes our Loma Prieta Earthquake look like a 
minor traffic accident.

There are no television screens big enough to show the magnitude of 
this tragedy.


Tom Wiggins

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Me too !..lets be together for the best festival ever, to overcome the

Dr. Luis Daniel Flores FRCOG
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