[Dixielandjazz] Harry Epp RIP

Gene & Betty Lynch bettylynch at verizon.net
Wed Sep 7 21:41:25 PDT 2005

We too are shocked.  We just saw, and talkked with this very  nice gentleman at the DJML F2F at the LA Sweet & Hot festival only last Saturday.  He very often came to the LA fest, not to play, but just to listen.  He was such a nice guy, he's bound to rest in peace.

  And let's the rest of us live, and enjoy every day, and every song, as if....

Gene & Betty Lynch
Redondo Beach, CA

>From: Will Connelly <willc at highstream.net>
>Date: Wed Sep 07 13:25:17 CDT 2005
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>Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Harry Epp RIP

>Dear Friends . . .
>I am shocked and saddened to have to report that pianist/banjoist Harry 
>Epp has died. I had the news from Hal Donovan, who had called Harry this 
>morning to try to find out how Pat Cooke was (surviving) and got his 
>son, Rich, instead. I talked to Rob, the eldest son, who said that they 
>were waiting for the medical examiner but that it was apparently a heart 
>attack - Harry had had a bad one several years ago - and when I talked 
>with him last night he said he was worn out from his trip to LA for the 
>Sweet and Hot even as he raved about the music he'd heard and the 
>friends he'd connected with there.
>Harry was one of my closest friends, and the regular pianist in my River 
>Liffey Saloon Jazz Band and Roaring Tusker Jazz Band. Through the years 
>he also worked with Bill Thomas's Bourbon Street Jazz Band, with Sandy 
>Sander and Frank Izzo, Frank Hubbell and the Riverside Jazz Band. I was 
>privileged to produce two albums of Harry's Muskat Ramblers, which began 
>life in Columbus, Ohio in the early '50s. His eldest son, Rob, asked me 
>to take care of the musical arrangements. I will do this, and will keep 
>you all advised as the funeral  arrangements are made.
>You can't imagine how I feel right now.
>Will Connelly
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