[Dixielandjazz] Limehouse Blues Lyrics

Michael Woitowicz banjobarons at nconnect.net
Wed Sep 7 12:56:40 PDT 2005


I was rehearsing some tunes I haven't done for a while, and played Limehouse
Blues. I used to do this in a medley of "Asian" tunes (Limehouse, China Boy,
China Town, and Japanese Sandman) but the verse is has some interesting
chord changes and  the lyrics are intriguing and fun to sing. So, I will
make it a vocal the next time out.

As I was practicing the lyrics, I came to wonder what they mean. There is
probably a story behind this, and I wonder of any of the listmates would
have any background explanation.

The lyrics I have in my fake book are:

Oh Limehouse Kid, Oh Oh Oh Limehouse Kid
Going The Way That The Rest Of Them Did.
Poor Broken Blossom And Nobody's Child,
Haunting And Taunting, You're Just Kind Of Wild.

Oh Limehouse Blues, Oh Oh Oh Limehouse Blues,
Can't Seem To Shake Off Those Sad China Blues.
Rings For Your Fingers And Bells For Your Crown,
That Is The Story Of Old Chinatown.

Can anybody offer some background on these lyrics?

Mike Woitowicz
The Banjo Barons Ragtime Band
The Dixie Barons Dixieland Band

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