[Dixielandjazz] Live Dixieland Jazz at Katrina Relief Benefit Event - Sacramento - Sept. 7th

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Way to go Charlie:

God Bless you guys and pass out those business cards and book many more 
  paid gigs, do not let folks forget that your generosity and that of 
most musicians is remarkable, but that we also need to make a living by 
playing LIVE music, fire a DJ and Hire a musician.


Tom Wiggns

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Event - Sacramento - Sept. 7th

    Tonight (Wednesday, Sept. 7) the Huki Lau Island Grill, 16th & O 
Streets, Sacramento, is doing a Katrina disaster benefit from 5:00 to 
10:00 p.m. With a New Orleans theme, they'll be serving Jambalaya and 
bourbon cheesecake for $20. The entire proceeds for the evening will be 
donated; split evenly between the Red Cross and the Salvation Army for 
use in Katrina relier. 
  Live music will be provided from 5:00 to 7:30 by the K Street Ramblers 
Jazz Band and by Dr. Bach's Jazz Practitioners from 7:30 to 10:00. 
  The Ramblers lineup includes Bill Dickson, cornet; Charlie Hull, 
clarinet; Tony Rossi, trombone; Ralph Thompson, banjo/tenor guitar; 
Elmer Nemeth, string bass; and Jimmy Rivers, Drums. The same lineup 
that plays in the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and for corporate affairs and 
private parties in the area. 
  The Practitioners will have Charlie Gehlbach, trumpet and leader. I'm 
not up on the rest of his lineup as this all came together at the last 
minute, but Charlie always has a great group and does a fun program, at 
the Jazz Jubilee and elsewhere. 
 Good food, fun music, and the money going for a good and urgent cause. 
  Any questions about the music, call me at (916) 965-6210 or e-mail 
charlie at easysounds.com. About the restaurant or the event, call (916) 
 Charlie Hull 
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