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	Museum directors are still struggling to calculate the extent of
losses. One of the biggest 	concerns is the state of the collection that
was housed at the Old US Mint in the French 	Quarter.The building's roof
was torn off when Hurricane Katrina lashed the city on August 29. 	The
collection includes musical instruments, film, posters and photographs, news
reports said.


(Rebecca's comments:)  At least the jazz museum is on the second floor and
it is a three story building.  Hopefully most of it was protected.  Many of
those instruments, photos, etc., are in glass cases.


	Other historic locations that sustained damage in the storm and the
ensuing flood that 	resulted from levee and floodwall breaks include the
Louis Armstrong House, 

Rebecca's comments:) Interesting that Louis Armstrong's house was demolished
about 5 or 6 years ago....


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