[Dixielandjazz] Pronunciation of "Biloxi"

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Don't forget down the river there is Cairo (KAY-ro), IL which is down the
road apiece from Vienna (VY-enna).  Then over in Indiana, there is Milan
(MY-lin), the town whose high school basketball team was the basis for the
movie Hoosiers.

Hal Vickery

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All localities have strange pronunciations for names such as Cairo Illinois
comes out kA-row with a hard A. Kind of like Karo Syrup.  Then there is
Nevada MO which comes out  ne-vA-da with a hard A again then there is New
Berlin Illinois pronounced Burl-un.  Then there is good old St. Louie from
the song  and who knows if Missouri is pronounced with an ah or ee on the
end. Then there is Louisville KY. I'm sure there are hundreds of them.

Let's face it we all don't speak the same language.  I went into a chicken
place in Biloxi a couple of years ago and the young lady behind the counter
and I just couldn't communicate although she was speaking something close to

Larry Walton
St. Louie or St. Louis  or Missouree or Misourah

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