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Thanks Bill
-- As Bill Gunter said "I Googled the Hell out of"
"Shuster+ Cunningham" et.al and et.cetera.

However, if the CunMingham meant Cunningham,
maybe the Shuster meant Schuster.
In the Anderson fake book there is one song with
a Paul Cunningham as Lyricist.
Further, there are both a Joe and an Ira Schuster listed
as composers of various songs listed in "Anderson"
-- for what it is worth.
Thanks for the info guys, I've got most of what I need
if you curiousity gets the best of you and you find out
more - let me know. As I will, thee.

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> > Can anyone tell me the composer of "Who Did You Meet Last Night"?
> Dear Craig,
>  "Who Did You Meet Last Night" (Shuster-Cunmingham-Robertson)
> According to the Jimmie Lunceford recording of 2 Aug 1939.
> It was initially recorded for Decca by Dick Robertson on 19 May 1939.
> Which MAY account for the 'Robertson'.
> Could CunMingham be a misspelling for CunNingham?
> I can't find anything about a Shuster or Cunmingham/Cunningham in the
> book.
> Regards,
> Bill.

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