[Dixielandjazz] New Orleans

Judy Eames jude at tony.davis.waitrose.com
Sun Sep 4 09:09:09 PDT 2005

For some inexplicable reason I seem to have been unsubscribed when we
changed ISP I was expecting to come home to a zillion anxious emails.

At Bude Jazz festival this week New Orleans was not far from our thoughts as
the dreadful events unfolded.  Things were made all the more immediate by
the presence of Les Muscutt and Chris Burke.  They're hoping to fly to
wherever home is tomorrow.  I gather that Chris's home is in the countryside
and undamaged (apart from having been invaded by 12 displaced musicians)
Les's home is in the French Quarter and I just hope that today's reports in
the Uk press  that the area is largely undamaged are true.

Collections were made at all the jazz venues and cash will be sent to the MU
in New Orleans.  One musician donated almost $500 from CD sales and I'm
waiting to hear what the total will come to.

At the street parade yesterday there was a very moving moment when the band
halted and played "Amazing Grace"...... this is usually an opportunity to
remember our colleagues who have died in the preceding year but this year
there was no need for any words.

Judy Eames
Kaminsky Connection
Aston, Oxfordshire

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