[Dixielandjazz] Some help for the musicians in New Orleans

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Hi Mike:

I am looking for a large venue centrally located in N. California to 
hold a weekend series of concerts, I urge all California and nearby 
Bands interested in participating to contact me off list A.S.A.P. if 
you can participate.   I would also like, to hear form ALL the 
California Jazz Societies as well that would help in the publicity and 
ticket sales for such an event.

Nobody is going to help the musicians any better than we can do 
ourselves.  I have already started the wheels turning to organize   
projects, and I have a 501-C-3 organization and Insurance, Back Line 
equipment, P.a. systems, Stages and thirty plus years of experience to 
promote the events.

I welcome volunteers and your skills let us all come together with only 
one goal in mind, "to raise as much money as we possibly can"  Leave 
our collective egos at home and rally round the cause.  We can make a 
difference far beyond mailing a check to the Red Cross.  These New 
Orleans Musicians will have problems and troubles long after the Red 
Cross and United Way pack up and leave town.   These guys have no 
homes, no instruments, and no place to work at home, so they will have 
to live on the road, with our network of Jazz Societies and clubs we 
can certainly offer them work, and a place to stay while they are 

Time to pay back to the system that gave us all what we have and enjoy.


Tom Wiggins
1-297-7544  mobile

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    I know lots of people are raising money to give to the Red Cross and 

different religious groups to help in New Orleans, but my nonprofit 
"Friends of
Band Jazz" (_www.bigbandjazz.net_ (http://www.bigbandjazz.net) ) is  
on a little bit different approach.  This actually started over on  the 
list and our FBBJ list.
Peggy and I had so many friends still living and working there (We 
seem to find anything out about them at all......), that we started 
about trying to identify a few jazz musicians who are hardest hit, and  
help individual people.  We may not come up with thousands of  dollars, 
every little bit will help.
We are having a board meeting this week and I will put it on the agenda 
see what we can do.
Does anyone on this list have any ideas for us?
Mike Vax
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