[Dixielandjazz] Re. Charlie Hooks RIP

Nancy Giffin NANCYink at surewest.net
Fri Sep 2 01:29:18 PDT 2005

Oh my, my, my. I don¹t know what to say.

Charlie is gone, so suddenly, and as inappropriate as it may sound, I found
myself actually angry at reading the news. ³No! No way!! NO WAY!!! Charlie,
just who do you think you are, checking out like that when we have so much
more to say to each other?² After a few minutes of futile protest, the tears
of sadness finally began to flow.

As with Jim Beebe, my friendship with Charlie began when he was new to the
DJML and was not afraid to tell people what he REALLY thought of their
posts, right down to their improper use of punctuation, grammar and syntax.
(Charlie was so good with that, you know.) I would write them polite
requests off-list asking Charlie and Jim to be ³kinder and gentler² with
fellow list mates so as not to intimidate or scare them off. This led to
many friendly exchanges about jazz and sometimes heated discussions about
politics, religion or whatever.

I learned a lot about jazz from Charlie and his good friend, Beebe ‹ great
storytellers, both of them. Despite having a falling out over one of
Charlie¹s rude (IMO) posts a few years back, Charlie and I managed to
rekindle the friendship. I was so glad when he came out from lurking on the
DJML and began posting again last spring. He was like a new man, wasn¹t he?
So well behaved!!! ;-)  Our last exchange was about that. His final note
reflected someone who was at peace within himself. (Same was true for Beebe.
Now, isn¹t THAT the best way to fly ³Home.²)

Charlie and I were a generation apart in age and worlds apart in some of our
views, but there remained a constant mutual respect. Maybe Charlie only
liked me for my punctuation, but I think it was because he knew what I meant
when I signed my letters and posts with ³Love and hugs²; he knew that the
world needs a lot more Love and hugs. And for all our differences, we most
certainly agreed on that.

My condolences to his lovely and cherished wife, Lornetta, whom he could
never praise or brag about enough.

Rest in peace, Charlie. As Wiggins said, give a hug to your pal, Beebe, for
me.  Watch over New Orleans, would ya please?

Love and hugs,

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