[Dixielandjazz] Sale Prices, 78 rpm Records

DnBoy152 at aol.com DnBoy152 at aol.com
Mon Oct 31 11:25:09 PST 2005

This is only my second post, so I probably will get something messed  up!
Anyway, I noticed the other day some sale prices for 78rpm records that  were 
amazing to me, but I really haven't kept up with these prices...The auction  
was from Heritage Galleries in Texas.  I have followed them for a couple of  
years for rare coin information, but check these prices out:
Robert Johnson's Rarest - Love in Vain Blues b/w Preachin' Blues, Vocalion  
04630 (1937) brought $20,315.00
Robert Johnson - Hell Hound on my Trail b/w From 4 until Late, Vocalion  
03623 (1937) sold for $19,120.00
For OKOM: Duke Ellington - Handy Man, 9 page hand written score (circa  
1930's) realized $10,157.00.
I don't know about you folks, but seems like I should have been collecting  
Blues records all these years!  Just Kidding!
Their web site is _www.heritagegalleries.com_ 
(http://www.heritagegalleries.com)  if you  would like to check them out.
Former lurker,
Don Boyer, South Bend, IN

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