[Dixielandjazz] Trombones

Mike C. mike at michaelcryer.com
Thu Oct 27 21:25:38 PDT 2005

A Bit stuffy eh? I thought so too. Part of it is because the small bore 
size (.484). The other part is that it was built for a trumpet player. I 
didn't particularly care for it. The idea of the superbone wasn't a new 
idea when Maynard had his built by Holton in the mid 70's. I saw one 
that Conn built in the 1930's though it wasn't called a superbone, 
though it was about the same bore size if I remember correctly.


Dick Miller wrote:
> The Holton Superbone is still made and sold and true, it's a bit odd, but
> interesting. Inspired by Maynard Ferguson, I understand. If you'd like to
> hear one play OKOM in very capable hands, check out the Black Swan Classic
> JB from the Portland, OR area. Lew Chapman, former Air Force Band
> trombonist, does some neat tricks with his. He gave me a chance to try it
> out, and it was fun but seemed a bit stuffy to me.

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