[Dixielandjazz] The Teenagers and the Jazz Musicians

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 27 20:12:54 PDT 2005

Remember that list of "Things you never hear on the band bus"? Especially:

"Sorry girls, I'll have to see proof of age."

Today, the Showboat Casino was rockin. Don't know who the House of Blues
attraction was but hoards of pretty girls 16-18, were there waiting on line,
and coming from the parking lot past the venues where we play.

Not grunge with tattoos and rings, but beautiful kids, like those California
girls that Romans and Wiggins brag about.

Most broke into dance when nearing us but couldn't linger because we were in
the gambling area and you have to be 21 to stay there. Still, we were
impressed and amazed at how good looking and well dressed they were.

When leaving, 4 of us in the band were getting ready to enter an elevator to
our parking floor, instruments in hand. Five of those pretty girls who were
going to the House of Blues, had followed us, second lining.

"What a fun jazz band", they said and got back in the elevator with us.
Teenagers all, showing some cleavage, yet the kind of girls we all wish we
dated 50+ years ago. We started a lively repartee. They whipped out cameras
and demanded that they get pictures of them with us.

We got to our parking floor, and all got out. A guy was waiting there to go
down to the casino entrance. Take our pictures with the band they said.
Surprised he did so, taking about 6 pictures. He was somewhat amazed given
the look on his face.

Oh my, to get your picture taken while hugging some pretty teenagers . . .
And then to hear them say, we wish you were still going to be here when we
leave. We loved your music. Plus a few other very nice things. To a group of
musos old enough to be their fathers or grand father, in my case.

Yeah, and many of us say that kids today are (fill in your favorite put down
about their manners and musical tastes.)

I wish you all had been there.


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