[Dixielandjazz] Tiger Rag. Also known as....?

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Thu Oct 27 12:03:29 PDT 2005

How many songs do you suppose can be sung to the progression of "Tiger Rag?"

Around the World (I searched for you), Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey - 
will do for starters. But there are literally hundreds along with "Trouble 
in River City" - but that's not the same as saying these songs are also 
known as "Tiger Rag."

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "Thimbles" Gunter

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>A little known fact.
>At dress rehearsal of The Music Man, Preston couldn't
>cut the song "Trouble" in River City.
>The original song was cut from the show.
>Don Walker suggested vamping "Tiger Rag".
>When that worked, he scored it and it's still used under the
>title "Trouble".
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