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Jeffmatthews111 at aol.com Jeffmatthews111 at aol.com
Sun Oct 23 02:34:04 PDT 2005

Hi All,
I am interested in the ideas people are putting forward for programs at  gigs.
We have a gig booked in at a very nice 'country' hotel. They are trying out  
the idea of 'themed' music evenings and have decided to try jazz first. There 
is  a dinner included in the ticket price.
Guests arrive at 7.30 and sit down to eat around 8.00 ish. Here is what I  
suggested doing, BUT would appreciate any input you guys have regarding times  
for playing, length of set and numbers, audience banter (or not), jokes. We are 
 a six piece and will play numbers through the New Orleans repertoire to 
small  band swing numbers. I have explained that we are not a 'dance band' as such 
but  people can dance to our music. Do we need a waltz or two in the jazz 
idiom?  Suggestions?
At 7.30  we welcome guests with some 'trad' numbers. When they sit  down to 
eat we have some music played in off CD for them to talk and eat to. As  they 
finish their last course we start off with our second set for around 45  
minutes. Short break and then a final set, finishing around 10.30 - 10.45  ish.  In 
this way we are spreading out our playing over  quite a long  evening. I want 
to get people up on the floor dancing  - suggestions  for tunes, invitation 
banter, etc, is welcome. Basically, I want these  people who might not be jazz 
lovers, but curious and hungry, to go away with a  good impression and spread 
the good news that 'jazz' music can be  fun.   
I would welcome any comments and helpful ideas and tips from you  experienced 
Thank you.
Jeff Matthews
The Southern Sounds Jazzmen

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