[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Jazz Jubilee vs Sacramento Jazz Festival.

Lowell Busching verbose at daktel.com
Sat Oct 22 10:55:53 PDT 2005

Clever way to get some more publicity for the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, 
as it is rightly called, and conform to its advertising by Bob.

I did start to write down Jubilee instead of Festival, but then I 
remembered that several members of the DJML are quite learned 
academicians and I was afraid they would grab their Webster Dictionaries 
and comment that according to it a "Jubilee" is technically a noun 
denoting the fiftieth anniversary of an event. I did not realize that 
the Sacramento Jazz "Event" had been going on quite that long, but if 
so, my apology to Bob and all those putting on that "event". I was a 
late starter on that event. A rose by any other name.

Whatever it is called, I hope as many of you as possible attend that 
event next Memorial Day (US) weekend in Sacramento. I am sure
Bob Ringwald will give us all further details on the many changes for 
next year as they become available for the press,

Few of you will be able to tell the difference between a "festival" of 
jazz music and a "jubilee" of jazz music, if there can be such a thing? 
Just enjoy it.

This long in advance notice is to conform to Tom's excellent suggestions 
on advertising for such an event. Far in advance to allow making plans, 
and just before it occurs, for those with poor memories like myself.

Lowell Busching
aka Mad Dawg

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