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Sat Oct 22 10:21:51 PDT 2005

Yeah Jim I read both of your posts and It's true.  When I was in college 
we did a unit on how to program for an audience.  Basically you start 
with something light like a march then put in your heaviest tune and as 
the concert progresses lighten up ending up with a march or other snappy 
tune.  That's only good programming.  Many musicians say, and I've 
actually heard this, that the audience is "just stupid" (meaning, if 
they don't like what I do therefore are ujnworthy).  Then musicians say 
how dare you talk so they turn up the volume  then they wonder why their 
audiences go elsewhere with their bucks.  Show biz is a whole lot of 
things but it isn't playing down to your audience or disrespecting them.
Larry Walton
St. Louis

Jim Kashishian wrote:
> Larry Walton wrote:
> For some reason musicians tend to think that they can play music that is
> blowing over their customers heads. I think I said in a post some time ago
> that musicians need to play to their audience. 
> I've edited your remarks above, Larry, to support my letter.  If we look at
> my Subject line, it is funny how most people "in the arts" would prefer that
> to be written Art vs. Entertainment.  It seems to be believed that the two
> can't got together.  I'm a firm believer that that is a very wrong belief.
> First & foremost is showing that you are capable in your art form.  After
> that, if you wish to have/maintain an audience, some sort of entertainment
> is required.  That's because a tiny bit of your audience may be enough in
> the know to appreciate your talent, but the majority are not so schooled.
> I have actually been called a clown on occassions 'cause I sometimes do
> funny things with my trombone.  If one were to look at the exquisite talent
> that is required of a good circus clown to do the things they do on the
> tight rope, the horse/elephant back, the high level swings, one would see
> that calling someone a clown is really a compliment!
> If you can make people enjoy themselves & still perform your art at a high
> level, then it seems to me you have the best of both worlds.  How to
> recognize that person?  
> He/she will be the one working all the time......
> Jim
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