[Dixielandjazz] Re: North Beach and Sam Zagami

Artwoo at aol.com Artwoo at aol.com
Fri Oct 21 23:51:14 PDT 2005

Sam is no longer with us; he was Sicilian to the core; people either loved  
him or hated him...no in-between. Sam was outstanding on tenor sax,  clarinet 
and also doubled on violin. His idols were Joe Venuti and Spade  Cooley.
Most professional working musicians that I grew up with doubled. The  society 
bands in San Francisco, like Del Courtney, Walt Tolleson, Ernie  Heckshire 
and Jimmy Blass had section players double on  violin...an unlikely combination 
in today's musician.
A good trumpet player pal of mine, Joe Maita even doubled on viola! Can you  
imagine that combination! 
I consider myself lucky to have rubbed shoulders with some decent (mostly  
unknown) musicians around the bay area. Many of them made a living at music when 
 it was a trade on a par with plumbers and physicians.

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