[Dixielandjazz] Lake Ozark Annual Dixieland Jazz Festival

Lowell Busching verbose at daktel.com
Fri Oct 21 22:44:25 PDT 2005

Since this IS the Dixieland Jazz Mailing List (DJML) I thought I would 
mention another Dixieland Jazz Festival coming up October 27-30, whether 
it has been mentioned before or not. These type of events have a 
tendency to slip by, if they have been mentioned too early.

Bob Ringwald recently pointed out to someone wanting to start a band in 
N.C., but was not sure if there were any players there because of lack 
of action on the DJML, that one of the best trombone players for OKOM, 
Bob Havens, now lives in N.C.

Bob Havens does still get out to festivals, and on the October 27th 
weekend, he will be appearing with Lynn Zimmer & The Jazz Band as a 
special guest along with Connie Jones on cornet at the Lake Ozark 
Festival, as I am sure at least some of you are aware.  Perhaps Bob 
Havens himself is lurking on the list and can comment?

Not only is it a good small festival, but I know from having gone there 
before a couple times that the area can be spectacular in fall colors at 
this time. I believe they choose the dates to match their peek color in 
that area?  Or so it seemed.  Past peek further north as I am.

In addition to the above mentioned musicians, Banu Gibson & The New 
Orleans Hot Jazz will be there too. Her regular New Orleans musicians 
most likely. Also appearing is the West End Jazz Band from Chicago and 
Jean Kittrell & The St. Louis Riverman.  If you want to see some great 
scenery and hear some good Dixieland jazz, consider going.

Just a few hours south, via scenic back roads, is Branson, Mo. Japanese 
fiddle players and all.

The telephone number for this festival is 800-964-6698 for rooms and passes.

The mailing address for checks is Country Club Hotel & Spa,
P.O. Box 1599, Lake Ozark, Mo 65409

I do NOT work for the festival and most likely will not even be there 
myself this year, but all these festivals need all the support they can 
get. Even the Sacramento Jazz Festival.  Right Ringwald?  None are too 
big or too small to welcome your patronage as well as comments on the 
DJML.  Show your support where it hurts. Your pocketbook. Email is 
cheap, even if the content on the DJML is NOT.

Sorry to break into the threads again, if any are still going.  And any 
redundancy in comments about this particular festival.

Lowell Busching
AKA Mad Dawg

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