[Dixielandjazz] Re: Snub Mosley (was Saxophone article on sfgate.com)

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Thu Oct 20 17:15:12 PDT 2005

Dear Dave, Len and Bob,
It's funny how one thing leads to another on this list.
And jogs the memory.
I read the interesting review of the saxophone book 'The Devil's Horn' by
Michael Segell but, being frugal, will probably wait until it is 'on sale'.
However Dave's lead to the Scott Yanow 'All Music Guide' article on Snub
Mosely (1905-1981) was interesting for me.
Particularly the concluding bit which said: "As a leader, Mosley cut a dozen
titles with a sextet for Decca from 1940-42, four songs for Sonora in 1946,
six numbers for Penguin in 1949, two songs for Columbia in 1959 and a full
album for the British Pizza label as late as 1978."
I have the Decca sides, which includes a slide sax feature on "The Man with
the Funny Little Horn" (11 March 1940). The LP album also has photographs of
the 'slide-sax', an oddity which Bob Williams would surely love.
We were introduced to Mr Mosely in London in the late 1970s on one of his
annual visits as  featured guest at Pizza Express. A charming man.
He played the 'thing' (a kazoo sound-a-like without the buzz) the night we
heard him but I can't really recall much about it. Which means that I was
probably unimpressed by its novelty at the time. He was certainly a fine
Kind regards,

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