[Dixielandjazz] Tuning Drums

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Thu Oct 20 12:54:53 PDT 2005

There is a proper way to tune a drumset, although many drummers will not 
subscribe to it.
It requires tightening of all the hardware attachment points and careful 
cleaning and lubrication of all the lug threading. Then the gradual tightening of 
the lugs in a back and forth circular pattern to specific torque values. Each 
drum head will has its own correct torque value and there are quite a few 
formulas possible. (High tuning, medium tuning, low tuning, etc.) The trick is to 
obtain equal lug tightness all around the head. This principle is similar to 
that of a bicycle wheel. A strong and stable wheel must have correct and evenly 
balanced spoke tension. Both the batter (top) and the bottom heads of must be 
correctly set up and the formula might call for different torque values 
between the two.

A good inexpensive tool to accomplish this is the "Drum Torque" tool. It is 
available in most music stores for about $30 and includes excellent 
instructions, formulas and explanations
about all of this. After wasting many years experimenting, I purchased one 
and followed the directions exactly. Not only did my drum kit sound much better, 
but it was stable for years even when being pounded in Octoberfest and rock 
n' roll venues.

I hope this is helpful.

Gus Bloch

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