[Dixielandjazz] The best Italian tenor sax players I knew

Artwoo at aol.com Artwoo at aol.com
Wed Oct 19 14:00:22 PDT 2005

Hi: Let me add two fellows I worked with, both unfortunately in that great  
tenor band in the sky: Frank Buserwini (died in Vegas a year ago) and Frank  
Fradella, cousin of Billy Catalano of Loc 6..
Both guys were fearless and never apologized for their music. I respected  
these guys immensely. They are probably unknown to every member of this list,  
but so what? I will never forget them. A little piece of them comes alive every 
 time I play.
If you made fun Frankie B's name, he would send his uncle Louie to  
straighten you out. 

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