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Hi Dave:

Not only that but the band is on a weekly salary and the agent and 
Maynard knows that any income on a day off is better than none sitting 
in a hotel room paying for all the bands meals anyway.

They often do a split with the music parents club who sells the 
tickets,  (contracts the musicians union never sees) however since 
Maynard is hiring bands on a weekly salary nobody cares about how he 
conducts his business.   And don't kid yourself, some of those High 
Schools in the midwest are as big as some of the colleges and get big 
turn outs creating a good payday many times on those hard to book off 
nights.  Beats the Hell out of the money you can earn on a weeknight in 
a Pizza Joint in a town where they roll up the sidewalks and go to 
sleep at 8:00 p.m.   Not to mention that the local high school music 
director will make it mandatory that all his students show up and sell 
tickets to their parents as well.

Maynard has had an excellent reputation in the educational system for 
as many years as I can recall, and I once saw him play fifteen minutes 
on a NACA College Showcase and sit down and book fifteen concerts in 
thirty minutes at $3,500.00 each and that was at 1971 prices.  Now 
sandwich in a dozen or so high schools with that and you have decent 
little tour.

That's how it's done on the road folks.

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That's an easy one.....his agent knows the band will be in town, or 
close to it
anyway, and offers a deal they can't refuse. We used to call it block 
booking !

Maybe contact one of the schools and find out who booked them !

I'm surprised you would even ask !

Dave Hanson
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   Speaking about Maynard, how does he get all his High School/College 
  Who's his booking agent?

  His Oct/Nov schedule shows these schools among his other tour dates.


  Oct 10  Cedar City     UT    Cedar High School
  Oct 14  Elgin          IL    Elgin Community College
  Oct 15  Lincolnshire   IL    Stevenson High School
  Oct 16  Elk Rapids     MI    Elk Rapids High School
  Oct 26 -New Buckhannon WV    Buckhannon-Upshur High School
   Oct 29 -Postponed till Feb 22, 2006. Mandeville LA Fontainebleau High 
  Nov 5  -Doylestown     PA    Central Bucks West High School
  Nov 6  -Spring Valley  NY    Spring Valley High School
   Nov 8 - Postponed until Feb, 2006. Date TBA. Macomb MI Dakota High 
  Nov 14 -Hummelstown    PA    Lower Dauphin High School
  Nov 15 -Glenelg        MD    Glenelg High School

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