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Mon Oct 17 17:47:01 PDT 2005

     Dave Richoux just posted a good article about displaced New 
Orleans musicians, which reminded me that someone at the Turk Murphy 
tribute-concert (possibly Bill Carter) said that Evan Christopher had 
some information on a website about where such musicians are.
     There's a link to it from Jim Cullum's website at 
http://www.riverwalk.org/ .  Once there, click on "What's New?" in 
the upper lefthand corner.  Scroll down a way to see this:


Evan ChristopherFormer JCJB clarinetist and current Riverwalk Jazz 
guest artist Evan Christopher (left) was based in New Orleans at the 
time of the Katrina disaster. He has relocated to  Oceanside, 

Evan and partners have established a new website for helping 
displaced New Orleans musicians find each other and potential 
employers-New Orleans Music Resources. Especially useful to musicians 
and their potential employers is a list containing contact 
information found here.
[  -----> http://nomr.net/community.htm  <-----]
Evan sent us this email message on Sept. 29:

To my friends at the Landing and Riverwalk Jazz:

I may go back to New Orleans soon...I just want to see if there's 
anything I can recover from my Uptown apartment. Five+ feet of that 
putrid water in my place after the levee broke, and now, mold past 
the ceiling. My horns have already been rescued by a colleague...

I have been able to stay very busy. I helped develop a new website 
for the New Orleans musicians [see above], I have been active with 
several Katrina benefits, and I created a school concert program, 
which is why I am in Pasadena now.

Anyway, I am OK. I have my horns and my mettle. Funny, even after all 
of this...I would lose everything I own ten times over before I would 
trade places with someone else.

Musically yours, EVAN CHRISTOPHER"

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