[Dixielandjazz] Re: Weddinng planners

Barrie Walter Marshall walter.marshall at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Oct 13 12:57:02 PDT 2005

Wedding Planners,

I have only come across one wedding planner in the UK area where I live, we 
do regular wedding gigs at the hotel he works in, the one big differnce is 
we get to play on time or pretty close to it, how many of us out there have 
waited a LONG time for the meal to finish because the wedding party arrived 
late from the service or church late, I once waited over two hours with a 
band I was playing for. The usual culprit who makes things late is the 
photographer making sure of good snaps, I know about this because I once was 
a wedding photographer, I gave up because of the stress of worrying about 
getting things right, just like playing the clarinet!

Still a keen snapper but just for fun.


Clarinet and titular head
The Sun Street Stompers

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