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Len Nielsen lennielsen at telus.net
Wed Oct 12 14:50:49 PDT 2005

List mates

It was on this day, October the 12th in 1859, that Joshua A. Norton of
San Francisco, the self proclaimed "Emperor of these United States and
Protector of Mexico" ordered the "United States Congress" to be
dissolved by force. He referred to himself as "His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Norton 1".

His feelings for politics was such that he abolished both the Democratic
and Republican parties during his reign.

He decreed that anyone using the abominable word "Frisco" for his home
town would be liable for a penalty of $25.00.

"Among his many edicts were instructions to form a League of Nations,
and he explicitly forbade any form of discord or conflict between
religions or their sects".

He is considered a Saint by the followers of Discordianism.

Therefore should not today's gig lists include "Emperor Norton's Hunch"

I am sure that if he was still here he would order it so.

Len Nielsen

Note: excerpts from Wikipedia

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