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["I'm sure you know, Mike Zwerin is an accomplished English jazz musician, long established in Paris, whose autobiography is "Close Enough for Jazz" (Quartet Books, 1983). Surprisingly this book is not listed in his bibliography in "The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz", where he follows that ever-present finalist, Bob Zurke, only to yield the title to the Zwingenbergers!"]

Mike Zwerin definitely has a point but I would point out that those "young Scandinavians and Germans dancing to French Dixieland bands playing New Orleans music" are often the ones that wish to pay homage to the birthplace of jazz by making a visit. So you guys had better get the place cleaned up so that the tourists (most of us are jazz musicians or fans!) can return to visiting the Crescent City. And we certainly would like to hear some decent jazz when we are there!

Please do not get the impression from Mike that jazz is completely defunct in New Orleans. I have some Internet friends who live in New Orleans and surrounds and they play some very worthwhile jazz. The quicker the tourists return, the quicker people like trombonist Jeff Albert can get back to playing their regular gigs.

Don't forget the conventions either! The 2005 International Trombone Festival was held in New Orleans and there are many trombonists who were impressed with the welcome they received. 

BTW, I do know what is the nationality of Mike Zwerin these days, but I am pretty sure he was an American born in New York. Anyway, that's how the rival "Jazz - The Rough Guide" lists him. Also at last-but-one posi. 


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