[Dixielandjazz] Chord Books & Lead Books

Eric Holroyd eholroyd at optushome.com.au
Sat Oct 8 22:25:43 PDT 2005

Here I am again folks, with yet another bit of blatant self-promotion, but 
if I don't do it I guess nobody else would...

(Although Bob Romans was the first to publicize my Triangle Jazz Band 
arrangements, and I was very grateful for that.)

Because of the interest in those arrangements I decided it may be a good 
idea to make my Chord Books and Lead Books available in the same format - ie 
on CD-ROM and in Acrobat PDF format so that you can print your own books.

Naturally, there's quite a risk in doing it this way as I've suffered quite 
a bit of piracy and photocopying of my printed books in previous years, but 
I'm hoping this time that interested musicians will get their own copy and 
keep it to themselves rather than giving 'freebies' to others.

Time will tell, but of course my stated intention of 'leaving something 
behind' when I've gone, plus making a few bucks whilst I'm still here holds 

Anyhow, details are on the Triangle Jazz Band button on my website at:

Kind regards,  Eric Holroyd

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