[Dixielandjazz] any good ole boys out there??

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Good Morning Ted et al;

I'm in a little town 10 mile south of the M/D line, Bentonville Arkansas aka
the Land o' Walmart, which is about 25 miles north of that other
Fayetteville.  It's cool living 10 mile from the line because if the day to
day humdrum of living in the south gets to be too much, a ten minute trip up
ol' 71 gets me to the north.

tuba/computer guru

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Hey y'all
I've noticed that most of the posts come from the West Coast-with a few  
stalwarts in PA. and the Chicago-St.Louis area. 
Are there any list mates from south of the Mason Dixon line? Is anyone from

North Carolina? I have this great "alone" feeling here in Haw River, N.C.
there is a town with that name, but not much of a town. Closest city would
How about it?? 
                                                                tradjazz ted
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