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luis daniel flores luda at arnet.com.ar
Mon Oct 3 20:02:14 PDT 2005

I guess that CD is not. Unfortunately, my friend Clive Smith who send me the
tunes is ´´rambling around´´ having leaving New Orleans less than 48 hours
before Katrina and could not save His CD collection. According to Clive, the
name of the CD is Rhythm King and beside a young Connie Jones there were a
banjoist English man called ´´Les Masket´´ or something like that. In that CD
besides ´´to be remember´´ there are other titles like ´´waiting for Robert
Lee´´, and ´´dark town strutted ball´´, possible on that CD there were ´´ I
double dare you´´ and ´´ Copenhagen´´. Connie play and sing.
I am hearing now the tune singing by Connie Jones

I still feel strange
for the song we sung together
the love we refrain
is all it is remain
to be remember

like the moon and the star
they reflect the splendor
and the evening longing for you
in sweet surrender
Clive, if you can ´´hear´´ us, please clarify this situation for us.

Dr. Luis Daniel Flores FRCOG
domingos/Sundays 9:30/12:30 GMT

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