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Thu Mar 31 23:08:22 PST 2005

"Jim  Kashishian" <jim at kashprod.com> (polite snip)

> Whoa,  Steve.  You've gone a bit overboard here.

For which I apologize,  from what you said I thought you were being bugged by
a major problem. My  mistake.

Bottom line I guess, is whether the time is OK or not. If only  occurs once a
year or so, that's normal and there is really no  problem.............. Steve 
My feeling, Steve, is that you have nothing to apologize for!  In your  post 
about setting up, and who does what, and the leader's role, you were right  on!
This whole thread has sort of had me laughing.  In any band I have  ever 
performed in or lead, we set the rhythm section up as close to one-another  as 
possible.  What is the mystery?
The farther apart they are, the more chance for bad time.
Your suggestion about maybe some musicians not playing with good time  
because they might be a little inferior was also right on, as was the suggestion  
that if the piano player didn't like the leader's feelings about setting up or  
monitors or whatever, than the leader has every right to fire him.
In my bands, my nickname has been "The Benev" for the last 25 years.   Most 
musicians that have worked with me, consider it a positive experience. Yes,  I 
take into consideration everyone's feelings and ideas, BUT the final say is  
MINE.  As you said in your post, Steve, I put up the money for the  equipment, 
I put up the money for the recordings, I put up the money for the  music, and 
I should have the final say in what the band does.
Maybe some of the bands on the trad circuit are true "co-ops," but most  
bands made up of full time professionals aren't.  There is usually a leader  who 
in some way or other "owns" the band.
Just my two cents agreeing with Steve's original post.
Mike Vax

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