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Martin Nichols marnichols at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 31 16:40:44 PST 2005

Andy Ling wrote:

I guess the information you need comes from what "Gordon of 
in a previous email :-

<< Sound travels "approximately" 1,000 ft/second.  A 25ms 
delay is 
25 feet.... >>

Your 6 yards is 18ft which is approx. 18mS. Then you've got 
the time it 
the sound from the piano to reach you, which could be 
another 18mS if it 
6 yards away from the front line too. So that gives you 
32mS (minus the 
from you to the drums so a bit less than this).

You could also argue that in a hall with poor acoustics the 
pianist might
hear the echo of the drums louder than the real thing and 
so be playing
to the time of it travelling 100ft down the hall and back 
again. More
like 200mS

I don't think stage height etc. would make that much 
difference except
to change the acoustics.

So I think your best argument is to point out that for 
every foot away
from the rest of the band the pianist is it will take 1mS 
second for
him to hear what you did and another 1mS for his response 
to get
back to you. A few milliseconds you can cope with, but when 
it gets
into the 20s & 30s you will start to hear it. And you will 
hear it before
him as you have the extra delay of the piano sound getting 
to you.

Of course that last bit isn't quite true if you are hearing 
the piano
through a monitor, but you are trying to blind him with 
aren't you ;-)

Andy Ling[/quote]


Are you guys serious, or just putting us on? 

A slide rule needed to set up the band? Yikes!

Marty Nichols


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