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About 17 milliseconds.

Jim Kashishian wrote:

>Interesting....the comments so far about my posting concerning acoustics,
>although the suggestion that the drummer go in the middle is a no-no since
>that's they way they want to set up!  Also, my stating to the pianist that
>he have some drums in his monitor mix is met with resistance, so....what I
>would really like to hear is something from the math guys out there.  
>Can someone put it into plain English what the pianist might suffer in delay
>when hearing the drummer from a distance of, say, 6 yards...taking into
>account normal stage height in a theater set up for plays (floating scenery
>above the stage).  That way, I might be able to argue my point.
>Democracy in a band can be a drag sometimes!  It would be easier if I could
>just be General Franco for a day!!!
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