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> When the time came, things went very well indeed.  The band jelled with one 
> run-through before the memorial service.  At the service itself, Closer Walk 
> wafted out into the church, aided by nice live acoustics.  Both the ensemble 
> passages and the solos sounded just fine, and we got many good comments 
> afterward.  I am quite sure it was just what my father wanted, and I am pleased 
> that we were able to help honor his memory.  It was my third jazz funeral, and 
> for obvious reasons, a very meaningful one for me.
> Regards,
> Dave Stoddard
> Round Rock, TX 

Hi Dave: 

Sorry to hear about anybody's loss of a loved one of course, but love your 
story of how you did it man.

That song has magic, we did it in the San Francisco Easter Parade as a Second 
Line Funeral for Jesus and the audience loved it.  We started it slow and 
played it for about four verses then kicked it up and made it swing for two 
blocks, folks were dancing and clapping their hands to it on both sides of the 

Turns any funeral into a celebration of life very quickly and music helps to 
soothe the aching soul of any person.

You guys did good, we need to educate more Church leaders to the healing 
powers of music and especially Jazz.  Some of our greatest audiences have been 
Catholic Cathedrals in Italy and gospel shows in world class Opera Houses.  There 
is magic in those old gospel tunes to inspire any audience even if they don't 
know they are religious songs.

I am glad they worked for you and gave you comfort and peace in a time of 
great stress, my sincerest sympathies for your family's loss and you can bet your 
Dad will rest in Peace, thanks to you and your friends giving him his wishes. 
 He was probably looking down upon you tapping his feet with a big grin and 
saying well done my son well done.

Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

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