[Dixielandjazz] Pier 23 San Francisco this evening

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Wish I could be there ! Just that name brings back fond memories when I 
attended many sessions there. Bill Napier, Bill Erickson, Carol Leigh, are 
just a few of the folks I met and played with. This would have been in the 
mid 60's, and I was just being introduced to Trad.

I always wondered if the old joint still existed. Thanks for the heads up.

Dave Hanson
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> Anyone in the San Francisco area today, may want to stop in at Pier 23 
> this evening (Monday March 28).
> Starting at 5 PM Frederick Hodges will be on Piano, then at 7:30 "Marty 
> Eggers and Friends" will also include Jim Cullum and Leon Oakley, cornets; 
> Bill Carter, clarinet; Steve Apple, drums and Scott Anthony, banjo.
> It's also listed on the west coast ragtime web site at:
> http://www.westcoastragtime.com/
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