[Dixielandjazz] SF Jazz Collective/Nicolas Payton

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Mon Mar 28 08:52:48 PST 2005

Nicolas Payton is probably my favorite of the "New Orleans Young Lion  
Trumpet Players."
He really is well versed in the history of New Orleans Jazz Music and  
trumpet playing.  I just might be a little prejudiced though, since his  dad, Walter 
played bass in my band when I lived in New Orleans.  Nicolas,  as a toddler, 
used to pull on my pants leg while we were rehearsing at the  Payton's 
residence.  He is a very nice young man, who loves all jazz music  with a passion.  
His playing in most situations is more modern these days,  but you can still 
hear the tradition coming through.
As to the San Francisco Jazz Collective, my gut feeling is that it is a  
complete sham!  The only one in the group with any connection to the bay  area is 
Joshua Redman.  They don't live here and they have no ties  here.  Lincoln 
Center Jazz Orchestra is made up of New York  musicians.  My feeling is: how dare 
they call it the San Francisco Jazz  Collective. Also, Randall Kline and 
associates who put on the San Francisco Jazz  Festival use almost NO local 
musicians. Tom Wiggins was talking about  Yuppies at the Easter Parade.  The whole SF 
Jazz Festival scene reminds me  of just that.  People who THINK they know 
something about jazz who go to an  event not really for the music, but because it 
is a place to be seen.
As usual, I don't hold back very much when I feel strongly about a  
Mike Vax

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