Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 28 07:48:32 PST 2005

One never knows about the two. There is some crossover.

Our Dixieland Trombonist is GLENN DODSON, Now 74 years old.

Curtis Institute Grad
3 years 1st Trombone Marine Corps Band, Washington DC.
9 Years 1st Trombone N. O. Symphony
3 Years Trombone Chicago Symphony
28 Years PRINCIPAL TROMBONE Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra.
His students include Principal Trombones of Philadelphia, NY, Chicago and
San Francisco Symphonies.

Generally acknowledged by his peers, in his prime classical years, as one of
the 4 finest Classical Trombonists in the World.

Loved Jazz from Day One.
Moonlighted with Fountain, Hirt, Humphries, Kimball et al in New Orleans.
Moonlighted with Jazzers in Philly and NYC after that.

Plays as fine an OKOM Trombone as you would ever hear as long as you
appreciate Teagarden and are not wedded to Ory as the last word in Dixieland
playing concept. 

Musically he is an unbelievable player and makes the rest of the band (no
slouches either), that much better.

One never knows, do one?

Steve Barbone

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