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A thousand years ago when I was a trumpet major at North Texas State
University, there were two, very definite parts of the instrumental music
school - jazz and "legit".  The terms were used by everyone and everyone
knew what they meant, but I had the definite impression that everyone
thought the legit players were inferior to the jazz players.  They had to
have music to be able to play. 

For the record, I was in the legit department in those days.  But not any
more!  :-)}

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As usual, e-mail is a poor way to communicate everything involved.
If you'd seen the expression of disdain, or the sound of it in his voice
when he said "he only knew legitimate musicians", it you would have 
understood that this was pure derision for non (or "il-") legit usicians
 or if you will, hauteur when grouping himself among those who were legit..
--- "you had to be there", I guess.

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