[Dixielandjazz] Doc Evans

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Sat Mar 26 16:16:19 PST 2005

Dear friends,
In the early 1960s I bought three Audiophile LPs by Doc Evans and His Jazz
Band. (Mainly because they included a favourite pianist of mine at that
time, Knocky Parker.)
Wonderful stuff, played often and well-loved:
AP-33  'Traditional Jazz -Dixieland of course)'
AP-34  'Traditional Jazz -Dixieland of course)'
AP-56  'Muskrat Ramble'
The good news is that they have just been reissued on Jazzology CDs by the
indefatigable George Buck, Jr.
I have so far received JCD-236 'Muskrat Ramble' which couples AP-56 with
AP-44 "Chattanooga Stomp" (one I was never able to find) and am waiting for
JCD-312 'Four or Five Times', a coupling of AP-33 and AP-34 above.
If you don't know what the 'oldies' from the mid-west USA were doing
musically during the 1950s you should listen to these new Jazzology CDs.
Interesting tunes, with only a few old warhorses, played by top musicians.
If you were there, and remember Doc Evans (1907-1977), you will know what I
Doc Evans' son, Allan, has set up a fine web site
which gives an extensive listing of all Doc Evans' records and links to all
manner of things, including a comprehensive biography and sound clips.
No. I have no connection with any of this.
Just a nostalgic Doc Evans fan from way back, reliving old memories of his
fine band and its LPs.
Do I feel a new 'thread' coming on?
Kind regards,

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