Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 26 07:17:32 PST 2005

As a clarinetist who adores Artie Shaw, (he is the primary reason I stuck
with clarinet) I think his comments about applause should be taken in the
context of his personality.

He was a control freak with more psychological issues going on inside his
genius brain than most of us on the DJML individually or put together. So
respect what he played, how he played it and what he contributed to jazz.

But, as for his views on the audience, how other people should live, act,
etc., etc., please tread carefully and don't foist his mental problems on
what is left of the jazz audience, or use them as a model. Like the rest of
us mortals, Shaw speaks for Shaw, not for everybody else.

It is also well to remember that times, conventions, rules, actions change
every day. For example, go to a classical musical performance today and hear
applause in the middle, etc., now and then. Never happened in Shaw's day,
but it certainly does now.

Steve Barbone  

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