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David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
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At 07:35 PM 03/24/05 -0500, FOThree at aol.com wrote:
>Anyone have suggestions as to alternatives for jewel boxes?  I want to  keep 
>the CD and the booklet together in some type of sleeve.  3 ring binder  
>storage systems won't work for me.
>Fred Ollison
>_fothree at aol.com_ (mailto:fothree at aol.com) 

Bags Unlimited has a great variety of CD sleeves.


I use 3 alternatives:
1. Double CD jewel boxes. Still a jewel box, but will hold 2 sets of paper,
unless the booklet is really thick. Saves loads of space, while providing
easy access for CDs I use regularly. All my historical reprints are in
jewel boxes.

2. Albums--the thick ones that hold ca. 250 and buy anyplace that deals
with CDs, including the oriface supply stores like Staples. I put in 'em
all the CDs by current bands, even including Watters and Murphy, that have
minimal booklets. They're much lighter than the big 3-ring binders, zip up,
and have a carrying handle. Sorta hard to extract the CDs from the pockets,
but fun to flip through the pages. 

3. Envelopes with windows. I'm not at all sure this is a good alternative
for large collections. 

The main problem I have is storing categories 1 & 3. I did find plastic
storage drawers at Staples. Just barely tall enough to hold a CD turned up
so you can read the end of the tray card, holds 2 rows. Big enough to hold
large format sheet music. Problem is you need to wedge 'em tightly on the
shelf so you can open the drawers.

Same company makes a 5-6 drawer rack that's the right size for 2 rows of

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