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Just thought some of you might be interested in these two sites or if you
already know of them, the new items from the Peter Gunn series.
I've gotten quite a number of songs off these sites and onto my computer
and iPod. (As usual, get them before the industry makes him take them off.)

At least Tuxedo Junction was on my lists of search sites on the search page
at http://www;Mainely-jazz.com
--- I just added the swingera site as well.

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To our Tuxedo Junction friends:

You'll now find music from Peter Gunn on both Tuxedo Junction and The Swing Era.

This was one of my favorite TV series when I was in college. It aired from 1958 to 1961. Peter Gunn was produced by Blake Edwards, starred Craig Stevens as Peter Gunn, and contained what we call today "wall-to-wall" music composed and conducted by Henry Mancini.

What kind of music? Jazz. You know, the kind of music you rarely hear on TV today, except sometimes when Public Television stations are having pledge week, and you rarely heard it on TV back in the 1950s.

Peter Gunn was a film-noir detective series shot in black-and-white at a time when color television sets were flying off the shelves. It was 30 minutes long. Each show had two segments. But Peter Gunn packed a wallop.

Henry Mancini assembled L.A.'s top jazz musicians to do the music for the show. They recorded two albums, both of which earned Grammy Awards for Mancini. And, the shows introduced many people to jazz. 

Mancini didn't offer hard-driving jazz. That wasn't his style. But what he offered was beautifully composed and arranged. Now, almost 50 years later, this music sounds as fresh and exciting to me as it did when I was in college.

You'll find the Peter Gunn links on our Tuxedo Junction Welcome Page at:


And on The Swing Era, you'll find them on this page:


Let me know how you like the music from Peter Gunn!


George Spink
Tuxedo Junction and The Swing Era

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