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Nope! It ain't true! Good story though! Probably made up by some jazz 
musician improvising at his computer keyboard!
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> There is a possibility that the article reproduced below is a myth.  At 
> least a remote possibility!  :-)  Dick B.
> Dangerous Instrument
> By Randy Jeffries/Weekly World
> News
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> Bocholt, Germany -- A band musician died of a brain injury when the
> trombonist behind him jerked the slide of his trombone forward and
> struck
> the trumpeter in the back of the head.
> Police say the tragedy occurred as the Gratzfeld College band was
> rehearsing the spirited American jazz classic, "When the Saints Go
> Marching In."
> According to other band members, trombonist Peter Niemeyer, 19, "got
> carried away" with the music. He started gyrating and thrashing around
> as he played. At one point, he jerked forward and the rounded metal
> slide
> on his instrument hit trumpet player Dolph Mohr, 20, dropping him
> instantly
> to the floor.
> "Niemeyer was pumping the slide very hard," said medical examiner Dr.
> Max
> Krause. "But it wasn't just the force of the blow that killed Mohr. "The
> slide
> struck him in the worst possible place -- the vulnerable spot just
> behind and
> below the left ear. "Bone fragments pierced his brain, killing him
> instantly."
> The incident has provoked a storm of controversy over whether or not
> American jazz should be played in German colleges.
> "I believe the music is to blame," said Gratzfeld band director Heinrich
> Sommer. "I was pressured to play that selection by school
> administrators.
> But I've always said jazz is dangerous music, Our musicians can't
> control
> themselves when they play it. They move and rock back and forth,
> creating
> chaos. If I had my way, American Dixieland would be outlawed in Germany.
> I've been directing bands for 30 years and I've never heard of anyone
> dying
> while playing a German march."
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